Bactilis Syrup



Bacillus Subtills (Hu58*) Spores

DESCRIPTION: The preparation consists of spores of Bacillus subtills which are normal nonpathogenic inhabitants of the intestine.
MECHANISM OF ACTION: Due to their high resistance to both chemical and physical agents, orally administered spores of Bacillus subtills cross the barriers of the acidic gastric juices and reach the intestinal tract unharmed, where they are transformed into metabolically active vegetative cells. The administration of Bacillus subtills spores contributes to the recovery of intestinal microbial flora altered during the course of intestinal microbial imbalance of diverse origin (diarrhea and antibiotic use).
RECOMMENDED SERVING SIZE: 1-2 serving daily (5m1/serving).


Helps building
a stronger immune svstem
Bacillus Substills (Hu58*) spores help to maintain a healthy intestinal microbial flora. The help to restore the intestinal flora altered during diarrhea and during the course of antibiotic therapy.
A healthy intestinal flora = A happy child

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Is Prescribed Yes
Composition Bacillus Subtills (Hu58*) Spores
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